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Leannetorres21 6 days ago

The Harvest

Had this on an asiago bagel and it was really good. Also had an earl grey donut and it was amazing. It's great that they carry Knead Doughnuts

Rebecca Underdah 7 days ago

Brown Bear

Great sandwich and great bagels. Haven't been able to find one so good since I moved up from NYC.

Jnoiseux313 12 days ago

Create Your Own

The specialty bagels are always the best!! And the staff are amazing, not to mention Shelley!

Allisageorgio8 16 days ago

Cream Cheese Garden Vegetable

This veggie cream cheese is AMAZING!!!!! Highly recommend with a whole wheat everything bagel

Ashley 24 days ago

The Harvest

I tried this on an asiago bagel and it was AMAZING. I can't wait to have it again.

Jesskane13 25 days ago

Nitro Cold Brew

This is hands down the BEST Nitro cold brew in the city. It's roasty, bold, sweet and fluffy. My partner and I come weekly and get vegan cream cheese on our bagels to go with our Nitro. 11/10.

Mary Beth 25 days ago

The Harvest

Since I've started going to this location, The Harvest is my go to. Paired with an Asiago bagel it's the best. It's light, fresh, and doesn't leave you feeling overly full after eating it. It's the perfect breakfast meal, even better if you're a vegetarian or just want a fill of veggies. The arugula, tomato, and cucumber on it really work well together. I wouldn't think to have something like this on a bagel but it works!

Rebeccabaccam 26 days ago

Fresh Lox

purchased a fresh lox bagel with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and capers. the bagel was delicious! the bagel was fresh and not burnt and the ingredients complimented each other well. would definitely return to try other combinations of bagel sandwiches.

Heavyroller 28 days ago

Just a Bagel

The Bagel had a good amount of everything seasoning, but it was just a soft bagel, no crispy exterior with soft chewy center.

Hannahrdunn about 1 month ago

Cream Cheese Plain

When your starting a new job in North Providence, and the second thing you look at after the location of your new the location of PVD know your hooked! Love Asiago Cheese bagels with plain cream cheese! They can not be beat here! Along with a nice iced coffee, my morning is complete!! So excited!

Cabin1211 about 1 month ago

Lox Spread

We're do I begin..? It was a warm sunny day in providence when my life was changed. Expecting a normal bagel I proceeded to enter when normalcy just wasn't good enough. I wanted a change from my normal everything with cream cheese. So I looked up and saw a Lox Spread. Intrigued I though, to myself "self let's try something different". Since that time the grass is greener, the sun brighter, my stomach.....bigger. But I will always get that delicious Lox Spread.

Simoneahlborn about 1 month ago


Chive cream cheese, poppyseed bagels, and special broccoli/cheese bagel were all yummy! I am excited to have access to real deli bagels nearby!

Mjekbarden about 1 month ago

Egg On a Bagel

My first time here. Had a pumpernickel, egg, bacon & cheddar. I am in love! Everything is expertly prepared and delicious! So very worth the visit

Sarapianka about 1 month ago

The Patriot

Everything was fresh and delish! Can't wait to try one of the other sandwiches

Samaraskitten about 1 month ago

Create Your Own

Had the French toast bagel with strawberry cream cheese and it was amazing! 100% addicted not

Oliviasergi8518 about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Garden Vegetable

Best garden veggie cream cheese! I had to buy a tub and bring it to my mom in Mass!

Sarahphits about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Chive

I love this cream cheese

Miss.Abigail.Joy about 2 months ago

Just a Bagel

I had the Asiago bagel with a veggie spread and it was tantalizing- I have never eaten veggie spread before but now it is a sure favorite. The seating was clean, the service quick and friendly, and the food scrumptious. I've been searching for great Rhode Island bagels and have come up short, time and time again, but I think I've finally found a worthy establishment.

Thegoodsphotography 7 days ago

Federal Hill

Awesome sandwich and great service. Haven't been able to find a bagel this good since moving from NYC.

Abjoseph7 9 days ago

Bagel Bundle

Only place nearby to get honest to goodness real, decent boiled bagels. We stick with standards like everything's and sesame with an occasional sunflower. They are all good. Thank you, Providence Bagel, for coming to N Providence!

Kraf18 16 days ago

Just a Bagel

Amazing!! Great food and even better coffee!! Recommend to everyone!

Justin 17 days ago

The Eastsider

My only regret is that I ate it before lunch. And now I don't have another one to eat.

Hannah.Chu.91 24 days ago

Baker's Dozen

I LOVE PROV BAGEL! I'm not usually a cream cheese person but the bacon scallion cream cheese is amazing! Still haven't tried all of the different bagel flavors but the cheddar jalapeño bagel is by far my favorite!!

Jgoshen 25 days ago

Bagel Bundle

I grab a bagel bundle every other friday for the office. The bagel bundle is a great deal, the bagels are delicious and the flavored cream cheeses are always a hit. We always get an assortment and the options are plentiful.

Nmedeiros1395 26 days ago

Cold Brew Coffee

Always go here for my coffee and bagel needs!

Jill.Niedelman 26 days ago

Cream Cheese Garden Vegetable

Best veggie cream cheese ever! Have traveled many times to prov to get the cream cheese. So happy to have them so close to home.

Hannasmailbox about 1 month ago

Just a Bagel

Asiago bagel was sooo good! It's hard to find asiago bagels (normally just cheddar) I also had the garden veggie cream cheese with it. Perfect combo! Going to try the sandwiches next.

Rebecca Underdah about 1 month ago

Federal Hill

Tried the broccoli cheddar bagel this weekend and it was so good! The federal sandwich was also amazing I've never had something so good as a breakfast sandwich! We will definitely be back to try more!

Leon.Ana1528 about 1 month ago

Cream Cheese Chive

Super delicious creamy with chives love it with my parmesan Bagel and my iced chia tea.

Ddillon about 1 month ago

Cold Brew Coffee

Just what I needed for a Friday morning! Coffee is delish as are your bagels. I got the broccoli cheddar soup special with plain cream cheese and it's totally yummy! Went through the drive through and the lady who took my order was so pleasant. Always enjoy a great experience when I come by!

Donnelly.Mollykate about 1 month ago

The Friar

HOLY COW! I've been trying different items on the menu since Providence Bagel came into town. This is by far one of my favs. I love love love all the tastes together. All the ingredients are always so fresh and they can go so well on any of the bagel selections that the Providence bagel has to offer! If you try a sandwich I fully recommend this one!

Hayley.Frank1023 about 1 month ago

Bagel Bundle

Providence Bagel provided catering for an all day training my company had and everything was incredible! We had various bagel and muffin platters, and coffee, tons of coffee (hot and cold brew). We placed the order online and everything was delivered right on time, and exactly how we wanted it! We will definitely be using the catering option at Providence Bagel again!

Carmen.Zhu127 about 2 months ago

Rhody Roast Beef

I love this sandwich! Great flavors and very yummy :) Can't wait for the location to open at URI!

12benjie about 2 months ago

Baker's Dozen

I found this place via Instagram and I just had to go because their bagels looked sooo good! I got the bakers dozen because I wanted to try a variety of their bagels. They were all amazing! Tremendous customer service by the way. 5 stars!!

Stephen.Barker.Jones about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Plain

What is the best way to have a breakfast fresh squeezed orange juice and bagel with cream cheese both of which are available fresh and Delicious from Providence bagel. I will definitely go there every time I want a bagel

Erinconnors.52995 about 2 months ago

Create Your Own

Honestly one of the best bagels I've ever eaten! I make sure to get here every Saturday and Sunday for a good bagel and coffee! Not only is their standard menu exceptional but their specials are always amazing as well! Make sure you stop in to this amazing place.


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