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Elizabethsweet1 15 days ago

Cream Cheese Bacon Scallion

My favorite cream cheese to get! Do yourself a favor and add extra bacon! Someone mentioned that once and I never looked back!

Kmurphy14 17 days ago

Cream Cheese Garden Vegetable

Chunky and creamy veggie cream cheese, yet so light and goes great with my whole wheat everything bagel!

Nmillick16 18 days ago


This is a fantastic bagel sandwich! I love it on a salt bagel. I'd highly recommend.

Melovelace 18 days ago

The McCourty

The McCourty, is without a doubt the best breakfast sandwich in Rhode Island, NAY, the country! Well I guess I can't say that having never left New England but, I stand by my first statement. The Pork Roll, a Jersey staple, is like the lovechild or salami, bacon and bologna, add a nice egg, some gooey cheese(cheddar is beddar) and your pick of bagel, I prefer the sesame or if you want an extra smack of sharp cheese the Asiago. But it is/has been amazing on every savory bagel I've had it on, I've been hooked since day 1. So will you when you try it.

Mandi.Souto 18 days ago


Such a delicious sandwich! Try it with bacon! Yum!

Tessbalk 19 days ago

Cream Cheese Vegan

This place is awesome. You guys have several delicious vegan options i can choose from, which I'm very grateful for! And don't get me started on the coffee.. nitro brew is soooo good. The service is always on point and is fast. Thank you :)

Franciscasanova2011 23 days ago

Nitro Cold Brew

Best cold brew ever. Great customer service and bagels are delish!

Donnelly.Mollykate 26 days ago

Just a Bagel

Providence Bagel never ceases to amaze me with their delicious and fresh bagels. They're perfect for office brunches or to stop before you head to the beach. With all of the flavors, it's easy to find one for everyone to like!

Kosowski14 28 days ago

The Great North

Walk into the building and immediate mouth watering goodness!! Your bagel senses are overwhelmed for a few seconds until you find the perfect one!!! I absolutely love these bagels and that The Great North breakfast bagelwich is absolutely amazing!!!! Every time I go in there i say Im going to try something different, but SWEET CHEESE man i cannot get away from that Great North on Asiago!!! If I could live on this and not be a fat kid at 25 I would definitely be here everyday!! Prices are excellent for the type of product you are getting when you come here! True Rhode Island style i love my bagelwich with a nice bottle of the coffee milk!!!

Alyssask about 1 month ago

Fresh Lox

So, I'm a NY Jew, I go back to get my bagels/lox/deli...stumbled over PB, hurray! The best lox I have found in the area! So happy!!!

Shannon about 2 months ago

Iced Tea

I have gone in numerous times and enjoy the coffee, how ever this morning the Apple Berry tea caught my eye. The server was great and ensured that I knew it was unsweetened before I comitted, I was not disappointed. It is smioth and delicious, reminds me of a nice apple pie!! I will definitely get it again.

Gpdemers about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Bacon Scallion

I love it here I try to come to try all there special bagels the staff is great. I would recommend anything on the menu!

Natalia about 2 months ago

The McCourty

By far the best place to get a bagel in RI! I'm always torn on what to get when I come in because everything I've had here is delicious. The McCourty on an Asiago bagel is my personal favorite. It's so savory and filling and for such an affordable price. You seriously can't go wrong when you come to Providence Bagel!

Hdw038 about 2 months ago

Egg On a Bagel

The egg is always done right and the perfect size! I would suggest any of the cheese variation bagels with egg and pepper jack for a spicy start to your morning!

Cguibeau about 2 months ago

Just a Bagel

Store was very clean, staff very friendly, order wa delivered promptly

Kathryn Sever about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Jalapeno

The jalapeno cream cheese is to die for. I switch it up when I come here so I've actually tried a big portion of the menu. List of things I love: everything bagel, breakfast sandwiches, blt, fresh orange juice, drive-thru, fast service, affordable prices, & friendliness. My die-hard fave is the asiago bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. It sets a high standard and there's no bagel as good in the Providence area.

Misssmith927 15 days ago

Cream Cheese Chive

I had an everything bagel with chive cream cheese and it was amazing. The bagel was toasted perfectly keeping the softness but still having a crunch and there was just the right amount of cream cheese! This was excellent and everyone was so friendly.

Ajsand66 17 days ago

Bagel Bundle

Great bagels! So many specials. Highly recommend.

Ledgerperfect 18 days ago

Federal Hill

Awesome Soooooooo glad you're here down this end!! Can't wait to come in again. The Bagels are amazing. Thank you!!

Courtney 18 days ago

Just a Bagel

Best. Bagels. In. RI. Period. Obsessed with their Everything Bagels and am constantly craving ham, egg & cheese!

Mandi.Souto 18 days ago

Nitro Cold Brew

My coffee is always perfect and the service is excellent! The nitro cold brew is so smooth and delicious. It really makes my day!

Kaileepotato 19 days ago

Cream Cheese Jalapeno

I absolutely love the poppyseed bagel with jalapeño cream cheese! Best bagel I've had in a very long time!

Gbarrett 24 days ago

Bagel Bundle

I had Providence Bagel's Asiago everything bagel with buffalo cream cheese. It is the stuff dreams are made of. The bagels are always so fresh and cream cheese so delicious. Not to mention, all of the staff are always so nice and outgoing. I love going to PVB.

Erikabryz 26 days ago


As someone who is from new Jersey, I have a high standard for bagels, but Providence Bagel brings that flavor to New England! I ordered the Fiesta on an Asiago bagel and I would 10/10 recommend! It was the blend of flavors you would find in a breakfast burrito, but on a fluffy savory bagel instead. I paired that with the nitro iced coffee, and let me tell you my wallet is in danger because I want this meal every day!

Lindabrophywilliams about 1 month ago

Bagel Bundle

Just picked a bundle of rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese omg so delicious. The cream cheese was perfect not to sweet. The best bagels!!!!

Bripat295 about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Vegan

Pretty tasty!

Emilie about 2 months ago

Create Your Own

SO delicious. My mouth watered when I entered into the store. The smells of all of the bagels were overwhelming, and it took me so long to decide what to order (I wanted everything!) I finally settled with a classic everything bagel with an egg and cheese and sausage, and man let me tell you that that was most definitely one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've had. Ever.

Joellesturm about 2 months ago

Egg On a Bagel

By far best bagels I've ever had. I come In every weekend to get a French toast bagel and it never disappoints. I recommend to everyone that's in the providence area

Gabroseelkas about 2 months ago

The McCourty

This is the only place that has a sandwich like this! Perfect in every way!

Racheldmurphy1119 about 2 months ago

The Harvest

Best bagel I ever had! I recommend them to everyone!

Nachel82 about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Chive

Great menu items.