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Katielbergquist 7 days ago

Cream Cheese Vegan

Every time I go I get an everything bagel with vegan cream cheese and it is a magical experience. The best and fluffiest vegan cream cheese I've ever had and so happy that they have it there in the first place. Also the bagels are so flavorful and the perfect texture. My favorite bagel place !!

Aeplante2 10 days ago

Cream Cheese Chive

Best bagels in RI!! Hands down! Always a fresh and flavorful bagel! The Asiago with chive cream cheese is the best way to start a morning ! So excited to when the North Providence stored opened , not to mention the staff is always so friendly and helpful !! 10/10

Halachamseddine97 15 days ago

Bagel Bundle

Everything bagel with plain cream cheese over and over and over again. Amazing bagel with whipped cream cheese and the everything season is filling it which only makes it better

Valerie 20 days ago


This bagel was toasted to perfection the avocado was fresh and creamy. I definitely will purchase this item and many others for the providence Bagel Co. Yum.

Rmarcella555 23 days ago


Originally from CT then AZ, FL, RI now and points in-between... My quest for an enjoyable* poppyseed bagel, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich came to an enjoyable end with Mozzarella! *Taste, price, and comfortable dinning area.

Rhushion 30 days ago

Just a Bagel

Bagels are good and it's our 2nd visit to this location. Staff just doesn't have it together. Can't answer simple questions. I leave there not knowing if I even ordered correctly.

Kvapollo11 about 1 month ago

Egg On a Bagel

What a great addition to the URI Emporium! There aren't any other bagel places around and Providence Bagel fills that gap. The staff is attentive, friendly, and can make a delicious breakfast sandwich.

Brittany about 1 month ago

Just a Bagel

Best speciality bagels out there... I look forward to the Instagram posts sharing what the specials will be. I love the creativity and passion that PB shares. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep coming back for more! Yum!

Raggamuffn9 about 1 month ago

The Patriot

I was Thrilled when I saw that a real bagel place was opening in North Providence! Being born in Ny but raised in the Fl Keys we had a deal with family that would visit. They brought a cooler full of fresh bagels and returned to NY with the cooler filled with fresh fish or shrimp or whatever we caught. It was a great for all! When I went through the drive thru I had one thing on my mind. Egg salad on an everything bagel. No egg salad!? Hmmmmm... I asked the very kind man over the intercom what he suggested. The "Patriot " was his choice so I ordered it. The bagel was good. But the sandwich was (I'm sorry) a disappointment. Sure there was turkey, and avocado etc. But it was dry. Whether on white bread, a wrap or a bagel there needs to be some type of dressing or spread. I go to Brooklyn every now and then to dog sit my daughters pups when she travels. On the corner is a convenience store that has a grill and we get a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll for $4.00 ... But we both love just a bagel with egg salad. $3.95 ... And that is two doors down at a place similar to yours but tiny. (Considering the overhead, egg salad is an easy addition to the menu. And an easy profit.) That Simple egg salad on a lightly toasted bagel usually gets us in the door (to go) and we end up leaving with a dozen assorted and a few spreads. The low price of either previous sandwiches is not an issue. The place in Brooklyn has a similar sandwich as the Patriot, except it has bacon. $8.95. It's a tiny place as many are in NYC but at both places the sandwiches are made in front of you and they ask if you want a "schmear" or dressing of some type. In and out in ten minutes with an armful of extras to boot. I read through your menu, it's vague. There is a "Fresh Tuna" sandwich, but is that tuna salad or plain dry tuna? Could it be seared? Who knows? It doesn't say. And the egg sandwich... there is a nice history of it coming from NJ, but not much about the sandwich? It lists types of meat & cheese, but no mention of the egg? Is it fried? Is it scrambled? Is it one, two? Can you get an egg white sandwich? Then at the bottom of the description it prices meat, is that for extra meat? It Must be, or the price is also ... wait for it... Vague. Also, I noticed one of the sandwiches on Providence Bagels menu has cole slaw, which is a great idea 👍 . But why isn't cole slaw available as a side? Potato salad, egg salad, cole slaw and tuna salad by the pound would be good money makers for the establishment. Easy to make, a crowd pleaser and profitable! A win, win, win. On our next visit if those were available we would definitely grab a pound of at least two. Plus the spreads for breakfast. That turned what would have been , let's say a $4.50 egg salad on a bagel into a $35.00 +. ticket. Just food for thought. Lol The gentleman at the drive up window was stellar! He was attentive, he didn't pause when suggesting something, he knew the menu, was prompt and kind. That young man will be the reason we give Providence Bagel a 2nd chance. You have the opportunity to have a winner with your restaurant. You just need a few minor things worked out. I was a chef in FL and food critics flew down from Chicago (The Sun Times) and NY (The NY Times) to meet me and write about my cooking. Contact me and I will share a few things that will help you keep that goldmine going!

Zelaznogd about 1 month ago

Egg On a Bagel

My bagel was amazing! Fast service great food!

Samanthasweeneymail about 1 month ago

The Harvest

Split The Harvest on an everything bagel with my daughter. Was so amazing. Ingredients were fresh and the flavors were amazing! Will be our go to. Thanks for coming to Kingston!

Louisopp16 about 1 month ago

Create Your Own

I am so happy to have Providence Bagel in southern RI they are a breath of fresh air in our sleepy community and with the addition of Knead I feel like life is complete!

Faithturinese about 2 months ago


Loved the coffee!

Leanne about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Honey Walnut

This on a Cinnamon Raisin bagel is so good!

Jmarciniak8086 about 2 months ago

Just a Bagel

Best bagels in RI!!!! If I could have their Parmesan or Cinnamon Raison bagel every day, I would! Awesome customer service, everyone working here is super friendly.

Shaebien about 2 months ago

Lox Spread Tub

Thank you for a most gratifying first experience at your high speed drive through! The friendly voice guided us patiently with our 3 bagel grab: pump, sess, n Parm with a lox tub. Divine sublime and at a 12 bucks thrifty savory...Could go everyday but This is a must miss...our souls can't take it...ok a lill extreme but well done indeed...

Thegoodsphotography about 2 months ago

Federal Hill

Awesome sandwich and great service. Haven't been able to find a bagel this good since moving from NYC.

Abjoseph7 about 2 months ago

Bagel Bundle

Only place nearby to get honest to goodness real, decent boiled bagels. We stick with standards like everything's and sesame with an occasional sunflower. They are all good. Thank you, Providence Bagel, for coming to N Providence!

Kraf18 2 months ago

Just a Bagel

Amazing!! Great food and even better coffee!! Recommend to everyone!

Jcassino725 9 days ago

Brown Bear

Delicious item with Asiago bagel and no onions.

Josh 13 days ago

Bagel Bundle

Bagels are amazing

Jessika2142 19 days ago



Dnb613 21 days ago

Baker's Dozen

Love this place! Fantastic!

Dragonfly137927 26 days ago

Create Your Own

Love the products, always fresh. Upon opening they had a few glitches but their customer service to fix them went above and beyond

Laura about 1 month ago

The Harvest

Friendly service

Michelle about 1 month ago

The Patriot

this sandwich was amazing!! everything is so fresh and tasty. no other bagel compares!

Zinghigh89 about 1 month ago

Bagel Bundle

I recently had the fruity pebbles bagel that was featured during the cereal specialty week. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the bagel was without being too sweet. The dough was just chewy enough without hurting your jaw, and as always as Providence Bagel it was soft enough without being overly bread like. The cereal flavor just subtle but tasted enough like cereal without being too sweet or sugary. I toasted it and put a small amount of light cream cheese on it. Very tasty. Paired with a Providence Bagel cold brew it was a 10/10

Dododw about 1 month ago

Cream Cheese Bacon Scallion

I had a garlic bagel with scallion bacon cream cheese. It was one of the best bagels I ever had and the cream cheese was unbelievable!!!! My new favorite bagel place!

Brownbagga about 1 month ago

The McCourty

Why is the McCourty $5.99 when you can order a pork roll, egg, and cheese for $4.74? Does the McCourty have double meat?

Gabemantello505 about 1 month ago

Cream Cheese Plain

A quality breakfast bagel that you simply can't get anywhere else

Brnncooley about 1 month ago

Cream Cheese Bacon Scallion

I ordered a bagel with the bacon scallion cream cheese and it was a great start to my day. I really appreciated the authenticity of customer services provided to me. I did not feel rushed .

Lindsavoie about 2 months ago

Bagel Bundle

Best bagel I've ever had! Didnt know what I was missing until my addicted roommate brought me there and now I'm addicted too

Ksauce91 about 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Chive

I've been a few times and always get an everything bagel with chive, such a good combo and the bagels are always warm and soft and with the chive it's out of this world!

Gthompson about 2 months ago

Fresh Lox

always get lox on my bagel and it's so good! love prov bagel.

Leanne about 2 months ago

The Harvest

Had this on an asiago bagel and it was really good. Also had an earl grey donut and it was amazing. It's great that they carry Knead Doughnuts

Rebecca about 2 months ago

Brown Bear

Great sandwich and great bagels. Haven't been able to find one so good since I moved up from NYC.

Jnoiseux313 2 months ago

Create Your Own

The specialty bagels are always the best!! And the staff are amazing, not to mention Shelley!

Allisageorgio8 2 months ago

Cream Cheese Garden Vegetable

This veggie cream cheese is AMAZING!!!!! Highly recommend with a whole wheat everything bagel


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